Press Release: Veyo Partners with New Hope Behavioral Health Center to Expand Access to Addiction Recovery Services

December 21, 2021

Veyo IDP + New Hope Case Study

Veyo Partners with New Hope Behavioral Health Center to Expand Access to Addiction Recovery Services 

Streamlined technology platform ensures reliable transportation to and from outpatient substance abuse clinic, improving patient retention and positively impacting outcomes. 

Veyo, a company bringing healthcare-credentialed rideshare to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), has published the preliminary results of its partnership with New Hope Behavioral Health Center (NHBHC), an outpatient substance abuse behavioral healthcare clinic that specializes in opioid use disorder. In 2020, Veyo and New Hope partnered to further expand the safety net of care, ensuring that transportation inaccessibility won’t prohibit patients from seeking treatment. 

As an outpatient substance abuse behavioral healthcare clinic, New Hope Behavioral Health Center (NHBHC) specializes in opioid-use disorder and partners with healthcare professionals to manage and treat opiate dependent patients. Their clinical team has developed a comprehensive, holistic strategy for a balanced treatment of physical and mental health issues, helping guide patients through their recovery journey and lead a healthy, positive life.

“In partnership with New Hope we are continuing to expand access to critical treatment throughout Arizona,” said Josh Komenda, President and CEO of Veyo. “Transportation is a fundamental aspect of accessing care. We built Veyo’s technology from the ground up to be a healthcare ally and are proud to provide New Hope with a one-stop-shop management system to streamline transportation services for their members.” 

For many dependent patients, treatments such as methadone and suboxone maintenance are life-saving, and critical in preventing them from relapsing. In addition to maintenance treatment, New Hope provides a wide range of health services, such as counseling, HIV testing, and Hepatitis C testing. A lack of transportation to New Hope’s facility can be extremely detrimental to patients’ well-being, sobriety, and overall recovery journey. As a full-service NEMT broker, Veyo will manage the full transportation benefit, including scheduling, managing call centers, handling grievances and reporting data back to health plans.  

To streamline the coordination of transportation, New Hope implemented Veyo RideView, Veyo’s proprietary transportation management system. RideView allows New Hope to schedule trips and access real-time information such as pick-up and drop-off details, estimated time of arrival, contact information for the driver and the member–all in one intuitive interface. For the most vulnerable patients who require urgent treatment, New Hope representatives can arrange same-day transportation through Veyo’s Urgent Trip Request feature, eliminating the time it would take to contact a call center and make the request via phone.  

“Reliable transportation plays a huge role in what we do here at New Hope,” said Samantha Schierhold, Front Office Manager at New Hope Behavioral Health Center. “Our partnership with Veyo has had a significant impact on our patients’ outcomes. The ability to give our patients the safety net of coordinating transportation services to and from treatment makes a huge difference in their ability to complete a program or maintain sobriety – it’s a long journey, and without reliable transportation it wouldn’t be possible.”

Since the partnership began in January of 2020, Veyo has provided around 70 trips per day for New Hope patients for a total of 38,000 trips completed. New Hope facilitates over 93% of those trips using the RideView platform, for a usage increase of 30% during that time. Consistent and reliable patient transportation has proven pivotal in New Hope’s patient retention rate. Without a transportation barrier, patients miss fewer appointments and have the opportunity to fully engage with New Hope’s treatments and services. 

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Veyo, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the fastest growing transportation brokerage in the country, having brought a new NEMT Model to the healthcare industry in 2016. Built on over 20 years of transportation experience, Veyo has reinvented the patient transportation model by integrating consumer technology with healthcare-credentialed rideshare fleets to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Veyo’s VirtualFleet™, the most powerful transportation network in the industry, is delivering dramatically higher levels of reliability, quality, and transparency to customers, partners, and members. Operating in eight states with over 36 million completed trips and a 97.1% on-time rate, Veyo is changing NEMT – one trip at a time. For more information, please visit