Michael Singer Discusses How Veyo is Transforming NEMT at Health 2.0’s 10th Annual Fall Conference

November 9, 2016

Michael Singer and Veyo at Health 2.0 sharing how Veyo is transforming NEMT

This past September, I spoke in front of over 2,000 attendees at Health 2.0’s 10th Annual Conference in San Jose, CA. I shared updates on how Veyo is transforming NEMT with over 2.5 million members managed and 2.5 million trips completed. After sharing my update with the audience, I also spoke with Jessica DaMassa to share a little more about what Veyo is doing. You can find the full videos below.

Michael Singer

Michael Singer

Michael Singer guides our company’s product and technology vision as the leader of Veyo’s bright team of data scientists, product managers, engineers and designers that build beautiful and scalable solutions. Michael Singer is fluent in six languages, has coded on three continents, in more than 30 countries, using at least a dozen environments. You can find Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn.