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February 16, 2016

Veyo Letter from the President

In the last few years, the sharing, or peer-to-peer economy, has dramatically changed many of our marketplaces. Our technological capabilities have allowed us to organize, manage, deploy, and exploit underused resources such as time, assets, and labor. This gives us the opportunity to solve problems better, faster, cheaper, and more reliably. Airbnb allows any empty apartment to act as a hotel for the night. TNC companies like Uber and Lyft allow everyday drivers with some extra time the opportunity to make money while solving a critical public need – ground transportation.

These new marketplaces can also scale supply to respond to demand far more efficiently. During Super Bowl weekend in San Francisco, so many Airbnb rooms flooded the market that the local hotel market all but missed the traditional spike in prices.  Suburban dwellers would typically need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for taxi service, but now a typical Uber wait takes about 6 minutes in many of the same markets. What’s more, users now have more variety, cheaper prices, and better, more reliable service and transparency. The cloud and mobile platforms supporting these systems also collect far more data, and allow for constantly-improving, analytics-based approaches.

I, along with the other founders of Veyo, realized that many of these technological and operational advancements could also be used to solve other logistics problems where better tracking, transparency, and scalable supply systems could dramatically change efficiency and performance.

In the healthcare industry, picking up patients and getting them to their destination safely, reliably, and efficiently is not just a matter of convenience. It changes lives. The traditional non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) model is broken, much like the consumer transportation model was. Veyo’s founders observed that the traditional dispatch, distribution, and management models are fragmented, fraught with complexity and have inherent operational conflict. Patients aren’t getting to appointments on time (or at all) and there’s a glaring lack of transparency. It was clear that there was an opportunity to bring a massive leap forward in both efficiency and quality.

We’ve built Veyo’s systems to deliver service in a way never before possible with unprecedented tracking and responsiveness. Veyo was created by Total Transit – a company with 30 years of experience in private and non-emergency medical transportation – by recruiting the brightest technology leaders, engineers, data scientists, and mobile platform developers in the industry and combining them with NEMT experts and seasoned veterans from Total Transit. Veyo is challenging the traditional industry performance standards with improved provider partnerships and increased service expectations, and is pioneering new and innovative delivery models that set the bar at a much higher level.

There’s so much that Veyo has already done to revolutionize this vital industry, and so much more we’re working on. We’ve created this space to share some of the announcements, breakthroughs, and technology that we’re so excited about.

Josh Komenda

Josh is the President of Veyo. Before launching Veyo, he was president and co-founder of 2pointb and GoFastCab (Acquired by Total Transit), the creator of one of the first mobile ordering solutions for the taxicab industry. On the weekends, you can find him checking out a new hip restaurant in town, sipping a craft beer from one of San Diego’s micro-brews, or on a bike ride up the 101 in North San Diego County.