5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to the Traditional Provider Fleet and Hello to the Veyo Virtual Fleet

March 31, 2016

Veyo Virtual Provider Fleets Scale for Demand

Veyo’s provider network – the Veyo Virtual Fleet – is comprised of two types of transportation fleets: commercial providers, who supply all the different types of vehicles and transport services we need, and our Independent Driver-Providers (IDP), who help us build an extremely flexible sedan fleet. Our IDP fleets consist of highly-qualified rideshare drivers – using their own vehicles – who meet strict healthcare standards and participate in ADA, CPR, HIPAA, Sensitivity, and Medical Needs training. Each IPD Provider undergoes drug testing and multi-level background checks to ensure safety and the highest level of quality, and we inspect and credential every vehicle. The combination of these two fleets allows us to have the first-ever fully scalable, credentialed provider network. Why does this get us excited? Here are five reasons we think our Virtual Fleet is pretty great:

  1. Veyo’s Virtual Fleet offers the expertise and special equipment of traditional commercial providers, with the rapid scalability of a rideshare network. Traditional fleets have a fixed size, say 500 cars. But what if there’s demand for 800 cars during one hour of the day? And if a driver is late – or doesn’t show up at all – the whole schedule can be thrown off. With the IDP-fleet, we can train more Driver-Providers than we would have in a fixed fleet, and adjust our supply to make sure we always have the right number of vehicles in the right places at the right times. On-demand trips are easy to fulfill as fleets aren’t working with inflexible trip schedules and fixed fleet capacity. If one trip is late or a special event causes traffic, trips can be dispatched and rerouted as necessary. Members will never again have to wait two hours for a return trip from a medical appointment or a hospital.
  2. Commercial providers aren’t required to manually record and tally trip reports. The Veyo system dispatches, tracks, records, and reports on trips automatically via in-smartphone GPS systems. There’s no need for expensive equipment or extra software. Our system tracks and manages all trip- and member-related data. If a discrepancy or question occurs regarding a trip, trip data can be quickly and easily retrieved and analyzed by the necessary stakeholder
  3. We’ve been there. We get it. Total Transit (Veyo’s parent company), worked as both a broker and a provider for 30 years in the NEMT field. We took those learnings and have worked them into our model. With Veyo, we pay both our commercial providers and Driver-Providers on a weekly basis based on the work recorded. When our providers are successful (and happy!), we’re successful.
  4. We’ve made it easy for our provider networks to grow. Whether they’re adding vehicles or adding hours to their schedule, we’ve worked to make the process quick and simple. Our system manages and records each vehicle, tracking everything from vehicle inspections to insurance requirements, so keeping a fleet in tip-top shape is easy.
  5. We’ve created smart supply and demand. Our proprietary algorithm lets us know how many vehicles – and what type – we need on the road. We are constantly working to make sure the right number of vehicles are on the road at all times, ensuring that every customer gets picked up (and dropped off!) on time. Since our system knows where all of vehicles are at all times, it can predict in advance who will be arriving on time, who needs to be rescheduled, and who is available to service an on-demand trip.

We’re working every day to make the Veyo experience even better and will be rolling out new updates throughout 2016. Want to learn more or sign up to join our Veyo Provider Network? Check out veyo.com/providers.