Taking a look back with our 2019 Year in Review

December 27, 2019

Veyo 2019 year in review

2019 was a year of growth and expansion for Veyo. We completed our 25 millionth NEMT trip, launched RideView – our new transportation management portal – and provided transportation for over 3 million Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members across six states. On top of that, we saw the following in 2019: 

  • Over 8.6 million completed trips with a substantiated grievance rate of just 0.13%.
  • 3,600 independent driver-providers (IDPs) within the Veyo fleet who completed over 2.4 million trips.
  • A verified on-time percentage rate of 95% and a substantiated grievance rate of just 0.05% for those IDP trips.
  • The launch of our latest market in Orange County, California and expansion of our existing Arizona market.

RideView Launch

In early 2019, we launched our new transportation management system – RideView – into our Arizona market. RideView allows healthcare facilities to book and manage transportation for several health plans from one easy location. Users can book single or recurring trips, request an immediate pickup, and access real-time trip information like trip status, ETA, and contact information for the driver. And since RideView is built for healthcare trips, it can: 

  • Manage eligibility for multiple health plans
  • Handle special requests like wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, or personal attendants
  • Manage public transit travel
  • Book recurring travel or blanket trips
  • Show a member’s full trip history
Veyo RideView Trip List

Since launching in April in Arizona, we’ve seen:

  • Usage by over 190 facilities across the state 
  • The creation of over 9,000 users for the system 
  • An average of 7,000 – 12,000 trips booked a day. 

In addition to our operations in Arizona, RideView was also recently launched in Connecticut in early December. It is currently being used in 25 facilities by over 100 users who have booked over 2,000 trips using RideView. We’re hearing great feedback from healthcare facilities, and we’re looking forward to expanding throughout the state.

So far we’ve seen over 350,000 trips booked through RideView, and we’ll soon be launching new payment options and dispatch features to the RideView platform.

Market Expansions

On January 1, 2019, we launched our newest market in Orange County, California. While we’re enjoying the sunny California weather, we’ve also: 

  • Partnered with over 500 IDPs to complete over 200,000 trips.
  • Completed a total of over 500,000 trips throughout the Santa Ana and Anaheim areas.

In addition to a new market in California, we’ve also expanded our presence across Arizona. This year we:

  • Added approximately 200,000 members to our Arizona population, which means we’re now serving 1.1 Million Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members across the state. 
  • Partnered with several Community Medical Services facilities to ensure quick pick-up and transportation for their members who are being treated for substance abuse disorders.
  • Activated over 1,000 new IDP rideshare drivers in the state. IDPs have now completed 7.6 million trips in Arizona. 

Technology Updates

2019 was a big year for our technology team with the launch of RideView and the official introduction of our Veyo Driver App into the Apple App Store. But they also launched several new products for our internal teams, including our Member Support Portal, redesigned Call Center Portal, and advanced IVR automation.

While over 99% of our member trips are dispatched automatically and completed successfully, our new Member Support Team was created to manage and support last-minute dispatches or those trips that might need additional assistance. The team works closely with our transportation providers to ensure that we get each member picked up – on time, every time. Their new Member Support Portal allows them to get a birds-eye view of the market, with: 

  • A list of high-priority trips that need assistance
  • A map with real-time location of the closest IDPs
  • The ability to quickly dispatch a trip to the closest IDP
Veyo Rescue Portal Trip Rescue Screen

The technology team is always working to improve our trip management and dispatching technology, and this year they released a new matching engine that uses a dynamic algorithm to better match trips to drivers in each of our markets. This new engine prioritizes both trip urgency and driver distance to provide better service in our on-demand, IDP markets. To design and test our new algorithms, the Veyo team ran thousands of simulations using our custom-built simulation tool, or “Veyoville” as the team lovingly refers to it. 

Veyo’s IDPs also received a few major updates to the Veyo Driver App in 2019 with: 

  • The addition of the iOS app to the Apple App Store, allowing for easier updates and bug fixes. In addition to helping IDPs find the app faster, the new app also offered improved load times and improved battery performance – two important things when  you’re on the move! 
  • The addition of our Future Match Trips, which allow IDPs to accept their next trip while they’re wrapping up their current trip. This means less down time for our IDPs and the opportunity for them to earn even more!

2019 was a busy year at Veyo, and we can’t wait to see what we have in store for 2020! With new contracts in the works and a host of new features in the hopper, we’re ready to make Veyo even bigger and better for the millions of members we serve.

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