Veyo Featured in Inc. Magazine – What 7 Tech Startup Founders Have to Say About Early Success

December 23, 2016

Inc Magazine - Tech Startup Founders

Josh Komenda, President, Veyo

Based in San Diego, California, Veyo’s technology addresses healthcare logistics such as on-time performance, cost efficiency and transparency for non-emergency medical transportation. Named a Top Workplace by the San Diego Union-Tribune in November 2016, Veyo serves 2.5 million members across six states and reports client savings of $7 million.

“Entrepreneurial success stories always seem glamorous and straightforward, but the truth is the entrepreneur’s path is full of extreme highs and lows. Some of your most herculean efforts will fall flat in the end and end up being totally unrewarded and unnoticed, your ego will be crushed, your finances may become incredibly strained, and your spouse/partner and family will be unwittingly along for the ride. In my mind, it’s all worth it – there’s nothing I’d rather do, and the wins are inspiring and exciting like nothing else. But it isn’t for everyone. Before you embark, ask yourself – Do I have the resolve for this? Is my relationship going to survive this? Everyone can picture the happy ending, but it’s critical to consider the journey and what you’re putting on the line.”

Find the original article by Lisa Abeyta here.

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