Veyo RideView Featured in Phoenix Business Journal

May 24, 2019

Veyo RideView in Phoenix Business Journal

Veyo’s new technology, RideView, was recently mentioned in a Phoenix Business Journal article around rideshare technology in patient transportation. The original article, by Haley Ringle, “Health care ride-hailing firm to expand tech services in Arizona,” can be found here.


Health care ride-hailing broker Veyo is launching new technology in Phoenix to redefine the way health care providers book and access their patients’ trips with Veyo drivers.

San Diego-based Veyo launched first in the Phoenix area in 2016 and Phoenix remains the largest market with 12,000 average non-emergency medical transportation trips a day.

Veyo’s new RideView launched in April with early adopters and now will be rolled out to other health care facilities in Phoenix and Tucson over the next six weeks, said Matthew Classen, Veyo’s market director for Arizona and California.

The RideView portal will allow health care providers to order trips for patients, verify patient eligibility, track the driver’s whereabouts and give transparency to where the patient is, said Stanton Sipes, Veyo’s executive vice president of business development.

“This decreases the number of failure points for the patient,” Sipes said. “It also gives health care facilitators a point of control.”

While Veyo has worked exclusively with Medicaid patients, since that’s the biggest need, the company will expand during the third quarter to open its service to any non-emergency medical patient, Sipes said.

Veyo’s Flexible Pay Option soon will allow patients with private pay and commercial insurance the ability to use Veyo. It will be the same portal but accessible to more patients, he said.

“Our goal is to provide better logistics in health care,” Sipes said. “Anyone else that needs a trip to their doctor can soon take advantage of Veyo.”

Glendale-based Total Transit Enterprises LLC, which operates Discount Cab, is the majority owner of Veyo after teaming with San Diego-based tech company 2pointbto create the app-based transportation firm targeting the health care industry. National Express recently acquired Total Transit and Discount Enterprises Inc. in April.

Veyo now operates in Arizona and six other states: California, Colorado, Michigan, Florida, Virginia and Connecticut.

Veyo is hiring to add to its 350 full-time employees and 3,000 contracted drivers in Arizona. The company is seeking a brand ambassadoran office assistant and a real-time operations analyst, along with about 100 drivers a month.

“Most of our drivers are older and stay with us longer,” Sipes said. “They feel like they’re serving a purpose. Our goal is to provide comfort, reliable and consistent transportation with a high-quality experience.”

Drivers undergo training to transport medical patients, including CPR, emergency and crisis training, passenger handling and sensitivity. Drivers also undergo background checks and drug and alcohol testing.

Veyo drivers are paid per mile and per trip, and they can earn an average of $20 an hour for an active driver who makes up to eight trips a day, Classen said.

Here are stats for Veyo’s ride share drivers in Arizona:

  • Total trips completed by drivers: 6,012,000
  • Average trips completed by drivers each day: 12,000
  • Current fleet of active drivers: 2,950
  • Average tenure of a driver: 1.3 years