Veyo in Idaho – August Update

August 29, 2016

Veyo Idaho | Update on Veyo NEMT in Idaho

Veyo in Idaho

On July 1st, Veyo initiated services as the Medicaid transportation broker for Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW). After six weeks, Veyo has completed over 150,000 trips and is now managing 5,000-6,000 trips per day across the state of Idaho. Veyo is currently contracted with over 70 commercial providers throughout the state, in addition to 150 Independent Driver-Providers (IDPs) in the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area. For each trip, the most appropriate mode of transportation is dispatched, which may include sedan, wheelchair, public transit, mileage reimbursement, etc. Trips that may require specialized assistance or a consistent transportation experience are assigned to a preferred provider. Our IDP fleet enables us to quickly respond to urgent requests and last-minute changes. In July, IDPs completed over 5,000 trips around the Treasure Valley.

Given the highly rural nature of Idaho, many areas have been underserved for years, leading to cancellation/no-show rates of up to 30-40%. We have launched several measures aimed at decreasing those high rates. For example, automated trip reminders are sent out 24 hours before an appointment, allowing a participant to confirm or reschedule if necessary. We’re excited about the changes we’re seeing in Idaho and we look forward to our continued partnerships with IDHW and the Idaho Providers.

Quick stats for Veyo in Idaho:

  • Since July 1, Veyo has completed over 150,000 trips across the state of Idaho.
  • Veyo has partnered with over 70 commercial providers throughout Idaho and 150 IDPs in the Boise-Nampa Metropolitan area. Providers in the Veyo network (both commercial and independent) are required to meet extensive safety requirements and undergo full background checks, as well as training on ADA compliance, HIPAA compliance and CPR certification.
  • Nearly 150 IDPs and over 800 commercial vehicles contracted throughout Idaho, covering all modes and regions.

Valuing and integrating Transport Provider input and development requirements has been the biggest missed opportunity over my 10 years of involvement with Idaho’s NEMT program. It has been refreshing to have Veyo correct this course as we have worked through their July 1st launch. Veyo has proved to be a true partner entity as they have integrated critical user requirements through allocation of professional level staff and significant investment in their process and technologies. This heightened focus will create the best environment for all and will enable each entity to deliver safe, quality services. I am encouraged by Veyo’s allocation of leadership focus and follow-up with those of us that are charged with the critical responsibility of executing and delivering NEMT transport services.

Robin Graham, Rollin Shuttle Services