Veyo Featured IDP: Lorraine G. from our Arizona Market

January 13, 2020

Every month, we feature a driver and their Veyo journey in their own words. This month, Lorraine from Arizona talks about her family’s battle against addiction, and how she uplifts her passengers that are going through a similar journey.


Lorraine Veyo Driver 1

I signed up to drive with Veyo after getting laid off from my last job. I wanted to help people that really need help, and have my personal freedom. I want to be able to take care of my grandchildren and I never want to punch a clock again. I never expected to love it so much. I met many fellow drivers who have the same passion about helping others. I share a similar emotional journey with a lot of my passengers. My family has a history of addiction. My daughter has been struggling with addiction for ten years. My mother and my sister are recovering alcoholics. My mother’s brother died of a heroin overdose. My son and I are the only ones that escaped the “family curse.” 

Lorraine Veyo Driver 2

Six months ago, I stopped by my house after completing a trip in the area and my daughter was there. I didn’t expect to see my daughter in my house during that time. I called her name but she was not responsive. As I got closer, I realized that she wasn’t breathing. She had overdosed. I immediately called 911 and they instructed me to give her two Narcans. I also did CPR on her. She finally started breathing again. It was an absolutely devastating experience as a mother. I share this experience to passengers that are struggling or recovering from addiction, to let them know how that impacted their loved ones. As a mother, I never want anyone to go through the same thing. I have been by my daughter’s side fighting with her all these years but a lot of the people fighting addiction don’t have any family support except from their fellow addicts.

Like this passenger I picked up on a rainy day in March. When she entered the car, I noticed that she didn’t have any shoes on. Her feet were soaked, raw, and bleeding. Without hesitation, my first reaction was to give her my shoes. The woman was quiet and timid, but she accepted my offer. Although I didn’t get to talk to the passenger much, I was glad that I could offer her some help. I felt great as I walked into the store in my socks to get a pair of new shoes after dropping her off [chuckles].

Lorraine Veyo Driver from Arizona

I am always amazed at the resilience of my passengers. A lot of those who have addiction issues are determined to be sober. I like sharing the story of my mother, who has been sober for 34 years. Her success story always resonates with them. I also learn a lot from my passengers. They share insights from their point of view. They let me know that my daughter is really sick, and that I’m doing the right thing for not leaving my daughter. Some of them are going through very tough times. I try to fill my rides with positivity. For those who need professional help, I would recommend them going to local organizations like the Southwest Network, Terros, and Community Bridges. For those that need encouragement, I always tell them, “It’s never hopeless and people do care about you! You can beat it!” I never gave up on my daughter all these years and I will continue to show her full support through her recovery journey.

Lorraine Veyo Driver

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