Press Release: Veyo Brings Next-Generation Technology to Healthcare Transportation

The past five years witnessed a dramatic change in the expectations, efficiency and quality of ground transportation for consumers. As passengers get access to higher quality, more responsive, cheaper and transparent service from technology and app-based companies, ridership and popularity is growing dramatically. There are still many specialized areas of transportation with unique needs, however, […]

Data Science: A Day in the Life of a Veyo Data Scientist

“Remind me what it is you do again?” That seems to be everyone’s favorite question. It’s usually followed up by, “Something to do with data, right?” In the last few years, Data Science has become a very hot topic. HBR called us sexy back in 2012, and McKinsey did it even earlier in 2009. But […]

Veyo in the April 2016 TLPA Dispatch

With our focus in 2016 being on changing our business model to take advantage of the new operating environment, I promised to write about members who have stepped back, taken a fresh look at their operations, and made changes to better compete. This month, I would like to highlight Mike Pinckard and the team at Total Transit […]