Veyo + Banner University Medical Center

For the last year, Veyo has been working closely with the Banner University Medical Center (BUMC) to create a new transportation service and process for Banner patients. This new service was created with the aim of improving patient safety, improving the patient experience, removing unnecessary delays caused by transportation challenges, and improving the hospital through-put. For the past several months BUMC and Veyo have been piloting the initial program on the BUMC Phoenix campus. The program has been a huge success! Patient transportation wait times have been reduced on average from 2 to 6 hours to just under 10 minutes. With the success of the launch program, BUMC is now beginning the process of rolling out this new program across their entire hospital network.  Read more

5 steps to building scale in the on-demand economy

It seems like over the last five years, with the rise of the on-demand economy, you now have a service for every chore on your list and for a few you didn’t even know existed. Around every corner there is a group of people just waiting to pick up your laundry, put your IKEA furniture […]